Timber Boundary Fence:


What is a fence?
A structure that serves to enclose an area such as a garden or field usually made of posts of timber, concrete or metal connect by wire netting rails or boards.
The word fence has also been academically defined as a barrier to prevent escape or intrusions-to define boundaries- to decorate protect -property from feral animals and prevent straying of domestic breeds.

Am I legally required to have a fence?
In suburbia the answer is generally in the negative according to the booklet “Fences and the Law” produced the Legal Services of S.A.

“There is no general rule of law requiring any boundary fence between neighbours, most people simply agree to have one”
However, the courts generally consider it reasonable to have a fence and keep it in good condition.
There are also many building regulation around the requirements for swimming pools, dog ownership and requirements under local town planning.

Fencing in Melbourne
In the greater Melbourne area the preferred type of fencing between properties is what is known as paling fencing. Paling fences comes in three broad categories – single spaced, butted and boxed. Boxed being the most predominate. The Boxed style is preferred as complete coverage will be maintained even after the palings have shrunk.